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About Burgess Homes LLC

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About The Owner

I have been in and around the construction industry my entire life. At a young age, it was not uncommon to find my brothers and I on a jobsite, tagging along with our father, an electrician, when he got stuck with babysitting duty. Those times spent gathering wood scraps and loose nails to hobble together things that resembled a car, a house, or maybe a jump for our bicycles, was the start of a passion that would in turn become a career.


Working for a local custom home builder throughout high school, and during college as I earned a bachelor's degree in Construction Technology, taught me invaluable lessons about the industry as well as most importantly, a strong work ethic. Most the while, in addition to a full work and school schedule, I would make time to do projects on the side for a growing customer base. The skills and knowledge I gained led me to managerial experiences redeveloping high rise buildings in Boston as well as doing large commercial building energy efficiency retrofits.


All of my experiences and desire to do better were geared towards one goal, of building a home building company focused on providing the best product possible for its clients, with the same attention to detail that I would expect on my own home. And that is what drives me, every day.

Jason Burgess

Est. 2017